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Does Printing Work Well In Linux?

Recently I was discussing Linux operating systems with a co-worker.  The question came up on how well printers were supported in Linux.  As I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04, I thought I would show exactly how well most printers work in Ubuntu.

First go to System ->Administration -> Printing

Click the new […]

Google’s Path to Success with Chrome OS

It didn’t take long for Google’s announcement of a new Chrome OS to cause a stir around the Internet.  Almost immediately news articles and blog posts came flying in from everywhere claiming to know exactly why the Chrome OS would either throw M$ Bill into bankruptcy or to the other extreme Five Reasons Google […]

New Cool List of Linux Must-have Programs

Have you ever wanted to try out Linux but hesitated because you weren’t sure the available programs would do what you want/need to do on your computer? Or are you a Linux user always on the look out for the best software (that’s why you use Linux, right)? Either way, this extensive list from Dedoimedo […]

Dell Introduces $299 Ubuntu Laptop

Dell last week introduced a 15.6 ” notebook with Ubuntu 8.10  installed by default.  Base specification of the new Dell 15n are

Intel® Celeron® 585 (1MB cache/2.16GHz/667Mhz FSB) Ubuntu Desktop Edition version 8.10 Jet Black 1Yr Ltd Warranty and Mail-In Service Glossy, widescreen 15.6 inch display (1366×768) 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz 160GB […]

Highly Recommended Free or Open Source Software

Any computer user that isn’t aware of and doesn’t take advantage of the available free and/or open source software is really missing the boat.  There are some real software gems, they are free and in the case of open source, if they don’t do exactly what you want them to do you are free to […]