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What Does Monty Know About Investing

A little bit more than yesterday….I hope.

A couple months back I came to the realization that although I had bought a few stocks and I had put a little cash into a mutual fund, that even though my degree had “Business” in the title I really didn’t know anything about investing.  Following a pretty normal pattern for me, when I realize I don’t know something and I want to learn, the first thing I do is head over to Amazon and see what knowledge they have to offer.  I found a couple titles to order, I’ll comment more on them as I go through them, and looking at the bookshelves in our house (at one time we had a little used book business going) I found several other titles that looked interesting and one that even looked quite familiar.  (Note to self, look on bookshelf before buying books from Amazon next time)

So has begun my first real education on investing.  In the process I have started probably no less than 7 or 8 books, made it in a couple chapters and moved on to something else.  Of course along the way I’ve ordered one or two (or five)  more from Amazon.  Obviously this education is going to take a little displine if I am going to get anywhere, I probably need to finish at least one or two of the books I start.

I’ve also been checking out several of the financial web sites.  There are so many to choose from and so many conflicting ideas of how best to make (or just not lose) money.  One of the site I keep coming back to is Seeking Alpha.  They have great new articles everyday and a daily newsletter services that provides tons of links to articles on different investing products and strategies.  One of these newsletters is a great thing to find in the mailbox every morning.  Definately worth checking out.  Now I just need to get out one of those books and find out what Alpha is and why I should be seeking it.

So why investing?  Mainly retirement planning which at my age (40) is starting to appear to be “too little, too late” but at least I can do my best at this point to minimize the pain if I start doing some things right.  A little income generation also wouldn’t be a bad thing and I’ve also got several years of college tuition I expect I’ll be contributing to coming in less than a decade.

Well that’s where I am at and why I am interesting in investing.  Hopefully I can pass along a little of what I learn to help someone else out and also hopefully get some feedback on my thoughts to keep me on the right path and also some good discussion in the forums.

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